Editor's note: At the end of Silver Surfer Vol. 1 Issue #18 (published in 1970 and written by Stan Lee), the Silver Surfer, still trapped on earth for betraying Galactus and still feared and hated by all of society, declared revenge on the human race.  These stories are a continuation of that, beginning with issue #19.

Silver Surfer Volume 1, Issue #31

"The Eye That Sees All" Part 2

Written by special guest writer E. A. Morrissey
Published by the Cosmic Power Fan Fiction Group
Silver Surfer created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Silver Surfer is a trademark of Marvel Comics

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"For Norrin, AZ, Jeff, Ladd and Veg! They know why? Or they should!"

4: Does it take a soul to ignite the Universe?

The Wolves had the measure of the light Elves even though they fought with brave hearts. With a purpose the Wolves dispatched the defenders and little time was lost in reaching the nursery, they opened the door quietly moving with stealth waiting to catch the "prey" by surprise?

Thor was lying on his side within the crib but he could see the Wolves coming toward him. Instinctively the Infant knew that he was in danger but he did nothing for the Moment!

Within the dark nursery the Wolves moved slowly their reflective retina showing their Malevolent intent. With a sudden movement to the left came the Last defender, a female who was Thors "Nanny." Brandishing a "Long knife" she lunged at the first Wolf she saw, the Knife missed any vital organs though it was plunged deep! Its not very often you can catch a Wolf by surprise but this time it happened but the Wolf was quick to respond. The Nanny became no more, as the Jaws of Mani's Bane clamped down on the Elf's neck shattering it completely!

As the Wounded Wolf dispatched the nanny the other went to the Crib, the element of surprise was gone so a quick dispatch was necessary. The Maw of the Wolf opened to consume the Head of the Godling, and it made its move but so did Thor!

Thor smelt the rancid breath of Fenrir's son; again he knew instinctively that he should act. Within his short life he has had only two friends, they had talked to him mostly whilst he was asleep; the two friends are called Thunder and Lightning! This was the second time though he has talked to them whilst awake, the first was when the Strange man put his hand on Thors head.

The Wolf made its move attacking with a swiftness that made the Alpha canine famous! Thor on the hand opened his eyes, his left emitted a lightning bolt that seared then shattered the wolf into small pieces.

The Wounded Wolf knew instantly when his brother had died, he raised his head and howled at his father in his own way asking his father to be merciful with his brother!

Thor turned his immature head and looked at the Wolf… once the Wolf was done howling it faced the Godling making ready for the pounce, it didn't even get into mid-air. Thor howled in his own way, bringing forth the Storm! The Storm took hold of the Wolf and Battered it around the room until it was a pulp of protoplasm!

"Check!" Odin said to Eternity, "Thor has done it again! 'Twould seem he will be as bothersome as he was in the original Universe?" Odin was proud even though this was not his son!

"Yes you maybe right but the Game isn't finished yet, if Sol's daughter doesn't rise it will be the end of Odin and his pantheon in this universe! Could you imagine a universe without Odin…? Odin?"

"Nay, I could not but this Odin has made a good choice, one that I would have done if It was me, have faith Eternity! The Skyrider of the Space ways shalt prevail!"

"We will see Odin! Let us take a recess for a minute or two so you can tell Jord that she can go home so long as she doesn't interfere with Baldur!"

Odin frowned but complied; he left to tell Jord the news… He wasn't happy… though Eternity was because creating a psychological advantage was an advantage for the game!

 'Twas fortunate that Norrin brought his board because the trip would have taken nine days, but flying at the speed he saw fit, he passed the Hel-Hound Garm! Garm for his part barely noticed a silver blur speeding passed Him, unless his mistress says otherwise, he cares not for peoples going into Hel only trying to escape!

No need was there to pay the ferryman! There are advantages to flying! After fleeting seconds Norrin knew he was in Hel for the temperature was not unlike that of outerspace!

Hela could sense that her realm was breached and quickly dispatched Jormungand her brother to investigate!

Norrin as before gained altitude to see the Lay of the Land finally he stopped to survey the surroundings only to be appalled by what he witnessed. All the Souls that were Asgard are chained to the Soil of Hel. Obviously the Souls were in pain and thus did this ignite Norrins' wrath, he clenched his fists and around the fists were halos of the "Power Cosmic," never before did he see such abject horror!

From behind him there was an "Ahem," like as if someone or something wanted his attention, the Surfer turned around to See the Midgard Serpent, or some might call Thor's Bane!

"What say you gleaming one? What is thy burden that makes you rush and busy around?"

Before Norrin answered he looked at the serpent, the head of Jormungand was something like the traditional English dragon and the Chinese dragon combined; the head was attached to a more traditional looking body of a serpent that stretched for miles into the distance!

"I'm here to release the God of light, he who in-turn will bring forth a resurrected Asgard, perchance could you direct me to where he is?"

"Yea the direction 'tis through me, and I must stop thee at all costs!"

With the last word did the coiled body of Jormungand smash into the Silver Surfer knocking him off his board right into the side of the nearest mountain. Moments later whilst holding and shaking his head the Surfer walks out of his own impression in the Mountain, he called for his board and was in the air again!

From his balled fists did the Power Cosmic lance out at the screaming serpent? This only enraged the monster all the more! From the miles and miles of coils did his body gaining momentum… the body was like a force of nature, that force was like a Tsunami and it was heading toward the Silver Surfer!

Norrin saw the body coming at him just in time because where he was before he moved was no more; the momentum attained by the body destroyed the Mountain. The Surfer released a more powerful blast of the Power Cosmic right between the Eyes of the Monster. The blast knocked the serpent back letting his head whack against another promontory causing the "Worm" to be concussed for a few seconds!

The Surfer Hovered over Jormungand looking at the serpent, deciding to finish him off or leave him be? Norrin didn't have the Heart to try and destroy the Worm, that was Thors job and Jormungand wasn't the principal problem, Hela was!

Before Norrin was attacked he got a bearing that was confirmed by Jormungand, at all speed he left in that direction hopefully to release the God of light!

Hela had observed the battle and was impressed with the Surfer resilience and thought his courage was likened to "Old man Thor" before Ragnarok! She left to intercept the Surfer before he can see the God of light! Hela may not be as fast as the Surfer but her flying skills are more than adequate. They meet at a distance that was three fourths of the distance to Baldur! Hela looked into the mind of the Surfer and saw that it was partially blocked, she thought it was interesting.

Why were those memories blocked, must be interesting? She delved into his mind… Ah death and lots of it!

"Why the rush, murderer of Billions! It seems you are familiar with Death? Why don't you say hello to those that you have killed! With a twist of a wrist a cloak of enchantment wrapped itself around the Surfer!

As soon as the cloak encased the Surfer the Nightmares began! From the depths of his soul did the Images come, nameless faces called out to him and asked WHY! First there was a few images and he replied that he was sorry, but that didn't stop the onslaught. As I have said first there were a few images the more and MORE, all asking why, Why did he KILL THEM! It was tearing Norrin apart, he couldn't say sorry to them all. He was prepared to give up, give up to the judgement of those who he had unintentionally killed when he was the Herald of Galactus!

One voice out of the Billions started the cacophony "DIE NORRIN RADD" The words were repeated and repeated.

Norrin Radd was going to give up until he remembered what Odin said, "He who will atone for his sins! This means that the Surfer will carry out deeds that offset for what he has done in the past! It gave him a sense of purpose, as loud as he could within his mind he said…

"Truly I am Sorry and I will pay for my sins but now is not the time for Judgement!

Give me time and you will see, I WILL ATONE FOR MY SINS." The multitude went silent then paused to think on the Surfers pleading…

In the realm of death Hela looked upon the Surfer. The torment that he was suffering was delicious. His squirming was the appetizer, his agony was the main course, what would the desert be? It was obvious what Hela was thinking!

… The Judges have made their decision. The One who started it all was there spokes person! "So be it! There is nobility about you and possibly you will atone for your sins, you WILL meet us again and you will be judged again! Go… Go now former Herald!

Hela Knew something was wrong because the Surfer was struggling no more! Perhaps she will have to create her own desert for Norrin Radd!


The cloak was repelled and as the cover came off he saw Baldur was held down with hundreds of hooks, somehow he knew Hela transported him here? Where was she?

"I'm right here Norrin Radd." She grabbed his hand and swiftly put the hand to her mouth… She gave Norrin a nasty present… the Kiss of Death! "E'en a creature such as you cannot avoid the kiss of death, look at your hand and see death as it spreads; once you are consumed you will be in thrall to me… you will be mine!

"Get thee gone Norrin Radd!" Baldur Shouted, "see to Sol's daughter, be the Ember that will light her anew!"

Norrin Radd knew what he was talking about, it made no sense to fight Hela because the more the contagion spread the more he would be hers! He jumped on the board and made haste to Sol's daughter!

"Flee as thou might Norrin Radd but thou art mine for e'er more!" Hela shouted as he left! Inwardly she smiled Norrin Radd will be an unexpected addition to her collection of minions. Truly a gift as worth as Thor or Odin!

 "Check Odin, Looks like the Skyrider has failed!" Eternity smiled.

"Nay the game isn't o'er yet." Odin frowned.

The contagion was spreading; his body was completely covered by death except for his head. The next thought was instinctive and the action automatic the Surfer Melded with the Surf Board, it would slow down the process and at the same time Norrin and the Board could fly faster when they are as one! He passed the River Gjroll and entered the cavern that almost "Earmarked" the end of Hela's realm! The Surfer only had to get passed Garm!

Garm heard something, a whooshing of air that indicated that something was approaching! That something was a black and silver surfboard and it was moving so fast that the jaws of Garm missed its mark! The Hellhound could not chase because the chain that bound it to the cavern went taught. The only thing it could do was to watch the board go into the distance!

Norrin was well aware that the Board was now three fourths covered in "Death," he had so little time and so far to go! The board burst though the doors of Gimli, the air pressure knocked over the three fates. The Surfboard worked though the Maze of passageways within Gimli to the open front doors! Once the Board was through the door it accelerated straight up with incredible velocity only stopping when the board got to the center of Sol's Daughter!



"Damn-it Odin will I ever win?"

"Mayhap." Odin thought that he would "pick-his-battles", lest Eternity may loose his temper, and in a fit of rage destroy his creations!

The Silver Surfer reformed himself and the only part of him that was left uncorrupted was his left eye, everything else about the Silver Surfer was as dull pewter. He didn't feel like as if he was dying but he was changing, becoming a thrall. He could feel the allure of Hela; it was very compelling. He wanted to leave and go back to Hela but his last act of defiance was to Shout out "SHALLA" and the thought, "let there be light!"

From the left eye came a thin pencil like beam and as it came into contact with the Hydrogen compounds that beam started the ignition process, the heat started to build and the Surfer was surrounded in fire. Fire turned to fusion and a magnificent explosion occurred, Sol's daughter was born, giving off Light and heat! The heat expanded out; but because and Asgard, Midgard and Bifrost were protected by the water barrier; the water acted as a shield boiling away and reducing the Energy to the point that land became visible and unscathed!

Today was the first of a new dawn on Midgard and Asgard. Aska and Embla were the sole surviving Mortals, from them the world's population issued forth. Jord and Thor were the only Gods of Midgard. Jord looked at her son, she knew he would have a temper but overall he would be a good-natured boy! She knew that Odin would come for his boy now that Asgard is resurrected! She used this time as best she could, because she had a feeling that she will only see him in the far distant future and at that time he will have need of his mothers strength!

In Hela's realm Baldur received the Light, the pinions were removed from his body, not by Hela's choice but because the power was within him! Baldur shone like Sol's daughter, a light within the dark and if Asgards souls were like Moths they were drawn to that light. All the souls passed into Baldur going to where we know not… Presumably Asgard!

Baldur blinked out of the realm of Hel…



A blinding light formed adjacent to Gimli and as the light faded Baldur took form! The Spirits that were of Asgard were repelled from the God of light; once removed from his body the Land that was Asgards absorbed the spirits.

Like watching water boil, it seemed an eternity before anything happened but the eternity did pass. Living beings coalesced from the firmament that IS Asgard! Thousands of Beings surrounded the God of light yet there was still one last act to complete.

Baldur pointed his hand at Asgard and a stream of energy left that hand the ground started to quake and rumble whilst Baldur said out loud…

… "What was given to Asgard must be returned, he is the Will, the Word and the way that is Asgard, for Odin is Asgard!

Finally in all "his" splendor, Odin stood alive and well. He walked over to Baldur clasped hands in the traditional manner.

"Well met my son, the deeds thou hast completed this day shall be told by the skald from this time hence forth… Yes well met indeed, my son!"

Baldur nodded but looked to the daughter of Sol! What of the Sentinel he thought.

"E'er pleased am I, to be put in such favor but the deed was not completely mine own… father! The Gleaming one known as the Silver Surfer gave his very life so that we may live! If not for his sacrifice we would be held, still, in Hela's embrace! What of he who gave his all to the peoples he knew not?"

"Aye my son, this be true! What of your brother Thor who dist fight his own battle… What about he who is a mere babe in swaddling clothes fighting the pups of Fenris? Yea risks were taken, lives were lost and lives were reborn! 'Tis the balance of nature, 'tis the way of things. Remember him well my son, for only then will the Silver Surfer be truly immortal!" What say you my son… we have much to do… Asgard must be brought back to its former Glory!

"Mayhap thou art right father O' mine though in sooth the Loss of the Surfer troubles me! Valiant and Noble was he, a loss this universe cannot afford!"

"Fear not shining one thou shalt meet the Sentinel of the space-ways again… one such as he cannot be put down for the nonce… thou whilst meet him again! Hold thy heartache, rejoice in what has happened and what will happen!"

 In the Void of space Norrin was crouched in a fetal position on his board, his eyes were closed but he heard a voice talking to him!

"Arise Noble one, thy task… 'Twas a success… Thou should know in my heart that I am grateful for what thou hast done, for that I will grant thee a boon… BE steadfast Norrin Radd thy mettle whilst sorely be tested… BE steadfast and thou whilst evolve beyond your dreamings… Fare yea well, Hela's touch has been purged but many tests and tragedies await thee… be steadfast!"

Odin left in the blink of an eye!

Norrin Stood up, amazed that he was alive, then reality hit… He started to look over his body, checking to see if Hela's touch was removed? Norrin had a sense of elation and trepidation? Elated to be alive but at the same time all that he could think of was what Odin had told him?

Norrin commanded the Board to continue his journey to Zenn La whilst he pondered what had happened!

The Universe called to him, "BE steadfast Norrin Radd!"

Fin… for now!

Be sure to check out Silver Surfer Volume 1 Issue #32 by Matt Hamilton and James Pedrick in three short weeks, as the Silver Surfer finally returns to Zenn-La!  Guest-starring the Prince of Darkness himself, Mephisto, and the Golden Avenger, Iron Man!

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